Petr Marek in the Kryon community: “The first step are just savings.”

Kryon has made this statement: In the future, there will be no more need for batteries.
Many of us are aware that the methods we have been using for heating our homes and businesses are inefficient – so what is the answer?

Petr Marek sharing namitech’s story with the Kryon community: “The first stepping stone is just savings, where do you see your role?”.

Thank you, Lee Carroll and Kryon!

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NAMIWELL, we are introducing a new brand of IR heating panels

NAMIWELL IR panel heating is a more efficient alternative to gas heating or heat pumps. The panels also dry, sanitize, and increase thermal resistance. Additionally, this technology has a positive impact on people’s health!

Thanks to DALYN Technology, we reach target temperatures faster and reduce energy losses and thus achieve significant cost savings per heated 1sqm compared to traditional heating systems.

Industrial applications save electricity in production halls, exhibition halls, churches, etc.

The thin design saves space and energy, the technology also helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Find more in the enclosed document. And soon on the website:

In 2024, we are establishing NSE-Institute!

Dear Colleagues, Researchers, Friends,

we would like to thank all of you for joining with us last October for the 2023 conference or as members of our wider community.
We believe that the field of new physics requires a more intense cooperation and safe environment that supports free exchange of ideas and proofs of concept eventually leading to a complete paradigm shift in the theory of physics.

That’s why we are establishing an independent institute – NSE-Institute (New Science of Electricity) – which will organize regular meetings and provide an opportunity to present results or ideas within defined Physics Working Groups (PWGs).

We welcome any individual suggestions or proposals. We will soon distribute instructions how to join the institute. Also, please save February 15, 2024 for our first online meeting.

Thank you for joining us!

prof. Jan Rak

More information soon at:

Join us on February 15, 2024 for the first online meeting of NSE-Institute. Registration HERE.

We have also established a communication platform using Discord. Join us HERE

Watch videos from SEM2023 Conference: Beyond Standard Model of Electromagnetism

SEM 2023 was a great success. We had 5 presentations throughout the day from our friends, academics, scientists, and researchers hailing from all over the globe.

Andre Koch Torres Assis came to us from Brazil by way of Augsburg, Germany and presented his talk on Weber’s Planetary Model of the Atom and stayed with us for further discussion about some of the ideas he presented. Koen van Vlaenderen flew in to Prague from Amsterdam to share some of his research on Electromagnetism and Scalar waves from years of independent research and collaboration as an electrical engineer. William Alek called in from Sarasota, Florida and walked us through some of the history of Phase Conjugate Mirrors (PCMs) as well as some of Tom Bearden’s research and experiments.

Our own Jan Rak opened and closed the day with a presentation introducing our audience to theories beyond the standard model of electromagnetism and a look into our laboratory at Namitech and some of the work we’re doing in search of new electromagnetic phenomena around Tesla magnifying transmitter.

So far, we’ve had about 600+ people tune in to our videos and we wanted to provide the link again to view and share. You can access the videos for free through the conference website here.

More information at: