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Namitech introduces DALYN Technology

We introduce an energy saving technology for electric heating devices. Our business approach is to implement DALYN Technology into new products together with innovative companies, such as producers of infrared heating panels, electric sauna heaters, electric boilers, etc. We are also developing individual industrial solutions for food and engineering industries.

DALYN Technology works as an electrical converter, modulating voltage and current flow through the heating element. It thus affects the heating performance and influences the conduction, convection and radiation of the heat. With the specific settings, the medium is heated more efficiently, thus the whole heating process is more energy efficient and, ultimately, the actual consumption of electricity decreases.

The inverter is connected just before the heating element, which must meet the defined technical requirements. Each technological process for an individual type of device is carefully tested.

DALYN Technology improves performance and saves in average 30% of energy consumption of electric heating devices.